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Harvesting parsnips in Norfolk25 Years of growing experience

Tattersett Farm is a family run business which has been growing, harvesting, processing and packaging high quality vegetable produce, including parsnips and carrots, for over 25 years – Three generations of the Hammond family have worked the land and invested in new technology to enable us to offer you:

  • A dependable, reliable and personal service.
  • A competitive pricing structure.
  • A wealth of knowledge around the growing and processing of British Parsnips and other root vegetables.

We take pride in what we do and believe that quality is essential to meet the high demands of the modern food industry and supermarket supply.

AAssured Produces you’d expect we are BRC and Assured Produce certified – as well as holding the well-respected Red Tractor Mark.

You can be assured that Tattersett Farm are incredibly passionate about our work and our two farms located along the north Norfolk coast make ideal growing conditions for our speciality vegetable, the parsnip. To learn more about Tattersett farm’s vegetable production heritage visit our About us page.

The latest technology for premier quality parsnips and carrots

Our 5-acre specially customised on-site factory facility is able to process our crop straight from the field – ensuring maximum freshness when it comes to our vegetables. It has been fully refurbished and updated with the latest equipment to enable us to produce in excess of 50 tonnes of Carrots and Parsnips a day, in addition to turnips and beetroot – with the capacity to DOUBLE this current output if required.
All the parsnips and other vegetables pass through several processes prior to packing – These include:

  • Processing parsnips in NorfolkWashing – To remove soil from the freshly harvested parsnips, carrots or other root vegetables
  • Hydra-cooling – Where the vegetables are submerged in a bath of fresh water held at a constant 4° C to bring down their core temperature and so improve shelf-life
  • Grading – By mechanical means with human oversight and strict quality control
  • Polishing – Our recent investment in a state-of-the-art vegetable polisher means that we can supply parsnips, carrots or any other root vegetables to an agreed tone and further aid shelf-life
  • Packing – Sealed in a protective atmosphere in the buyer/supermarkets own branded packaging, the product is ready for speedy distribution

In addition our production site has extensive cold-storage facilities enabling us to store the parsnips, carrots or other root vegetables as required. A high-level overview of the process from farm to plate is given on the Processing page.

Overseas parsnip, carrot & vegetable production

Although we attach the greatest importance to growing quality British produce we also understand consumers and supermarkets demands for vegetables outside of their normal growing seasons. To this end we have cultivated long term relationships with overseas growers enabling us to guarantee a consistent supply of products 52 weeks of the year.

To talk parsnips with us, or any other type of vegetable, please visit out Contact us page and speak to one of our expert team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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